Elliot Capos are the best capos in the world. Handmade in Texas by Phil Elliott and his son Scott, they are beautifully crafted specimens of excellent engineering. And they work better than anything else.

Elliot Capos:

Chris Bozung hand builds his guitars in a small community just outside of Nashville, Tennesee. They are used by some of the best Nashville session guys and while not expensive, provide rich tone, perfect intonation and great looks.

Christopher J Bozung, CB Guitars:

What can be said about Collings Guitars that isn't already known? Sheer craftmanship and guitar perfection at realistic prices. Superlative fit, finish, playability and tone.

Collings Guitars:

I've known Chris George since Avery Hill College days in 1967. He has been a key component of Hunter Muskett, a group founded by Terry Hiscox and Chris way back then. Chris makes some of the most innovative electric and accoustic guitars in his beautiful workshop in Lincolnshire, UK. He sorts out my guitars for me and gets them just how I like them. Thank you Chris.

Chris George Guitars: